Intumescent Kit - Ref. 8822

for use with TE 626 3D A8

Product features

  • material mono-ammonium phosphate

  • self-adhesive backing

Technical details

Attributes Value
Cutter diameter 26.0 mm
Collar ring diameter 30.0 mm
Material thickness 1.0 mm


One kit to suit one hinge. Testing was conducted using three hinges per 1 x 2 m door leaf including intumescent fire kit wrapped around each hinge. For further technical information regarding the fire test please contact us.

Further model information



Product information

Descriptive text

Intumescent Kit Ref. 8822. Designed for use with TECTUS hinge TE 626 3D A8 permitting suitability on FD30/FD60 rated fire doors sets in accordance with BS EN 1634-1:2014. Finished in a black colour for an aesthetically pleasing look.

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